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Cool Backyard Movie is the home of many cool backyard movie party set up ideas collected through many different sources. It was started by someone who was very interested in outdoor party set up in their own home. Through doing many research about backyard movie party set up, we concluded that it will be cool to write up a write site for backyard movie party and share our ideas with everyone on the web.

Our web site have collect many idea’s from the web and other sources to give you the web users the coolest, funniest and latest backyard movie party idea’s. Also the basic idea for this site is to put everything you need to together into one site so web users can easily and conveniently found all their backyard movie party equipment’s and ideas without wasting hours searching on internet.

None of the products and services on our site is sold by us directly however we do receive a small commission for many of the products and services when purchased by our visitors.

At Cool Backyard Movie we are constantly updating and posting cool new equipment’s and idea’sĀ all the time be sure to check our site regularly and continue to party. CoolBackyardMovie.com!