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Projection Screen: JaeilPLM Flicker-free Portable Outdoor Projection Screen

projector screen

The JaeilPLM Portable Outdoor Projection Screen is a great projecting solution for outdoor event, backyard movie or even camping base on it easy assemble kit that will only take 15 minutes to assemble or disassemble the entire projector screen. It can be easily fit into a car trunk and taken to any location and with a high quality portable bag to store all assemble items you can carry the product around without any hassle.

It is extremely light and convenient to carry around. The screen size is 16:9 wide screen ratio which is great for hanging on wall or you can camp it into the ground on places like parks or camp site.

This quality screen is made out of high quality PVC material that is flicker-free display and naturally expands any wrinkles within minutes when hung on clips (provided). The stand is a pyramid shape contributes to the sturdy posture of the stand so that it does not waver or fall down even in medium wind.

Best of all this projector screen comes with 2 years assured warranty for any items with defects or missing parts. So if you want a light weight, quick and easy to install projector screen that you can take to any outdoor party or camp site just pick one up today and enjoy your outdoor or backyard movie party with your family, friends and guests.


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